Creative Director ︎
+ Half of Garrett Elizabeth Office

Creative, Art Direction, Design etc. for Warby Parker over the years

Long-term creative with the Warby Parker team, resulting in the much sought-after Brand Book. An April Fool’s Stunt bringing together a brand partnership no one asked for or needed: the merging of Warby and Arby’s. Created with Marisa Aveling and Greg Kimball. Lookbook Photography by Chad Moore.

 Campaign, music video remake of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, microsite, scientific spectacle, eclipse glasses and boxheads, an epic party directly in the Path of Totality at Warby Nashville and Warby’s Customer Services’ busiest day in company history (people really wanted those solar eclipse glasses) all in service of celebrating the best way to view the first eclipse to travel across the entire country in 99 years. Music Video directed by Kyle Sauer. Created with Marisa Aveling, Greg Kimball and Tina Smith.
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